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In 2001 in the fictional Nirmal Pradesh, Deepak, a farmer, is travelling back to his village with his new bride, Phool. They get into a crowded passenger train along with many other newlywed couples. The brides all wear the same-colored attire with their faces completely covered with a veil as is the tradition. Deepak dozes off and wakes up in the night to realize that he has arrived at his destination. In the darkness and confusion from the rush to leave, he disembarks with the wrong bride and Phool is left behind on the train.

The couple is welcomed by his family only to be shocked when they realize it is the wrong bride. Her real name is Jaya but she gives them a false name and lies about where she is from. Meanwhile, at a different station, Phool realizes the mixup but the station master is unable to help her due to her not knowing the name of Deepak's village. She also refuses to go back home, not wanting to bring shame to her family. She decides to stay at the station in case Deepak comes looking, and is helped by Manju Mai, who runs a tea stand on the platform.

Deepak, frantically looking for Phool, files a report with SI Shyam Manohar. Manohar surmises that Jaya may be a thief. He follows her and sees her sell jewellery, use a mobile phone, and buy bus tickets. Jaya becomes friendly with Deepak's family and shows a surprising amount of knowledge about organic farming.

She is about to flee the village but feels bad about Deepak and asks his artistically-talented sister-in-law to draw a portrait of Phool to help in the search. She then makes posters of the portrait and has them spread around. Phool meanwhile works at the tea stand and learns to be independent.

Thinking that Jaya belongs to a gang of thieves, Manohar arrests her. However, he and Deepak learn that Jaya was married off against her will to Pradeep, an abusive man only interested in dowry. She wanted to pursue a career in organic farming and had gotten admission to a university in Dehradun. When she accidentally left the train with Deepak, she decided to use the opportunity to escape her fate with Pradeep and fulfill her dreams. She had sold off her jewelry to pay for her academic fees and ticket to Dehradun.

Pradeep arrives at the police station for Jaya. He assaults her in front of the cops and threatens to recover the full dowry from her mother. Manohar states that his actions constitutes an offence, and since Jaya is an adult, she cannot be forced to go with anyone. He threatens to charge Pradeep unless he stays away from Jaya.

Due to Jaya's posters, Phool is finally able to come back to Deepak. Jaya, now free from Pradeep, leaves to pursue her studies in Dehradun.

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